Co-Branded CDs

Make up to $27.99 per CD!

co-branded hypnosis cds


New students of hypnosis need to build up their library of hypnosis music.

Now you can purchase Music For Hypnotherapy CDs at a deep discount so you can sell to your students.

Every CD will be shrink-wrapped and professional manufactured.

Your logo will be placed on the front cover of the CD.

PLACIDE | PAX | BLISS (both versions on one CD)| ANANDA


These are NON-Royalty Free prices. You may mix and match.

5-10 Copies
$10.49 each (including shipping)
11-20 Copies
$9.00 each (including shipping)
21-50 Copies
$7.00 each (including shipping)


Students can purchase a Royalty Free License through you - your wholesale cost from me is $15 after you have purchased bulk CDs (you will have a wholesale order form for licenses). Pay for Licenses as you go - no minimum order. See my STORE for recommended retail prices. You can make up to $28 on each Royalty Free CD!

This is how it would work. Your student would purchase the Royalty Free CD from you for $49.99. You would give them a physical CD and then order the license for them on a special wholesale page I set up for you. Your profit would be $49.99 (what you sell to your student) minus the cost of the CD ($7-$10.49) minus the wholesale price of the license ($15.00).

Prices for SHANTI and SOMNIS on request (these are multi-disc titles).

TO ORDER, please contact me by email. Please allow 7 days for your CDs to be shipped to you after approval of CD cover.